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The Apostle Paul (Book)

Learn from the life and theology of the man who shook the world!

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Christianity in AD 35 was a samll movement with a few followers in Palestine.

But 30 years later, Christianity had become a world movement. This was due almost to one man: the Apostle Paul.

Paul's life and services filled up half the Book of Acts; his epistles occupies most of the New Testament; his enemies called him "the man who shook the world." The apostle Paul said "Follow me, as I follow Christ."

In this important book, we shall try to follow and to learn from the life and theology of this greatest apostle. And as we study, we will learn about missions and strategy and principles, the problems and solutions in the churches which prompted Paul to write most of the New Testament books, and Bible doctrines-in-action.

Author: Dr. Paul Lee Tan
Format: Paperback book
Pages: 121

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