Kids Prophecy Bundle #1 (Book Bundle)

God’s awesome promises are waiting for your child to discover in these four amazing books about Bible prophecy!

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Revelation: A Comprehensive Study Guide
Revelation is revealed in stunning detail as Dr. David Reagan teaches through the book verse by verse! This is one of the most popular study resources ever produced by the Ministry.
ID: P35

Jesus is Coming Again! (Book)
The first book ever published for children about end time prophecy!
ID: P5

The Non-Prophets Guide To Prophecy For Young People (Book)
This funny and fact-filled exploration by Todd Hampson explains to preteens what Bible prophecy is, why it is so important, who the prophets were, and a whole lot more!
ID: P859

The Prophecy Pros’ Illustrated Guide to Tough Questions About the End Times (Book)
The Prophecy Pros are here to bring you a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the most need-to-know facts about what is to come!
ID: P860

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