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The Non-Prophets Guide To The Book Of Daniel (Book)

With lighthearted illustrations and meaningful explorations of Scripture, you will explore the many vivid prophecies Daniel had about the days to come in this engaging and relevant guide by author Todd Hampson!

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Author Todd Hampson reveals how the book of Daniel will help you find stability in chaos and encouragement from God’s promises!

In today’s increasingly unstable culture, we need the wealth of wisdom available in the book of Daniel, which teaches us to live boldly and joyfully for the Lord, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Through Daniel, you’ll discover what it means to stand for righteousness in a world filled with compromise. And, you’ll learn how to do so winsomely, in a way that both enables others to gain a clear understanding of who God is and compels them to seek after Him.

Explore the many vivid prophecies Daniel had about the days to come—prophecies that shed much light on what will happen during the end times and are deeply practical for our day. You will find your faith strengthened as you see the many ways that God has kept His promises and will continue to do so.

God used Daniel’s faithfulness and courage powerfully in his day, and He can do the same through our lives today as we apply the lessons meant to help us fulfill our role in God’s divine story right now.

Author: Todd Hampson
Format: Paperback
Pages: 226

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