DVDs/The Rapture (CD,DVD, Study Guide)

The Rapture (CD,DVD, Study Guide)

The Bible defines the Rapture as the “blessed hope” of Christians, and it is the next great prophetic event scheduled to occur. Study book and DVD/CD.

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Why is the rainbow an appropriate symbol of the Rapture?

First, because it represents the upward thrust of believers when they are called to meet the Lord in the sky. Second, because believers will return to the earth later with the Lord, just as the other end of the rainbow returns to the earth. Finally, the rainbow is a symbol of God’s faithfulness in keeping His promises, and the promise of the Rapture is a very precious one to the Church.

Why the Rapture?
Why such an intense focus on the Rapture? Because the Bible defines it as the “blessed hope” of Christians (Titus 2:13). It is the next great prophetic event scheduled to occur, and it could occur any moment.

Further, as these teaching programs clearly illustrate, a strong belief in a Rapture that could occur any moment has a purifying effect. It motivates people to commit their lives to holiness, making Jesus Lord of every aspect of their lives. It also supplies a sense of urgency regarding personal evangelism and foreign missions.

A Practical Study
The study of the Rapture is not, therefore, simply an academic venture that applies only to the future. Coming to believe in an imminent Rapture will have an impact upon the way you live here and now. It will help you to develop an eternal perspective, and that, in turn, will help you to avoid becoming entangled in the world.

Lesson 1 — The Great Disappearance: Its Probable Impact
Lesson 2 — The Meaning of the Rapture
Lesson 3 — The Rapture vs. the Second Coming
Lesson 4 — The Timing of the Rapture
Lesson 5 — The Message of the Rapture for Pre-Rapture People
Lesson 6 — The Message of the Rapture for Post-Rapture People
Lesson 7 — A Review and a Consideration of the Rapture’s Aftermath

Teachers The lessons are presented by Dr. David Reagan, Senior Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, and his former associate, Dennis Pollock. Both are seasoned teachers who are gifted at communicating complex concepts in easy to understand terms.

Contents Format: 1 DVD, 2 CDs.
Time: Five video programs (running 25 minutes each) and four audio segments (running 15 to 20 minutes each).
Guides: Teacher’s Guide, Student Study Guide
Bonus: An additional DVD of the left behind message “Jesus Came. What’s Next?”
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