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The End Times Focus on Israel (DVD)

Discover God's plan for Israel in the end times and how it relates to His soon return!


  1. How does Israel fit into the end time pattern of prophesied events?

  2. Do the Jewish people have any right to the land of Israel?

  3. Can Israel continue to exist in the midst of the sea of Arab peoples who surround it?

  4. Is there any hope for peace on the Middle East?

  5. Where does ISIS fit into the end time picture of events?

  6. What is the relevance of events in the Middle East to the Church and the average Christian today?

  7. What do events in the Middle East tell us, if anything, about the timing of the Lord’s return?

These and many other questions are answered in this one hour presentation by Dr. David Reagan that was videotaped before a live audience. Dr. Reagan is the founder and senior evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, and he serves as the host of the ministry’s television program, “Christ in Prophecy” that is broadcast nationally.

Format: DVD.
Time: 60 minutes.
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