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Trusting God (Book)

The story of a man's conflict with God and what he learned during that struggle about living by faith.

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The story of a man’s conflict with God and what he learned during that struggle about living by faith.

In vivid anecdotal form, the author explores central questions of life that confront people on a daily basis:

  1. What does it mean to walk by faith?

  2. Is there power in prayer?

  3. Does God still perform miracles?

  4. Does God provide individual guidance?

  5. Is the Bible relevant to our problems?

  6. Is the Holy Spirit still active?

  7. Are we living in the “end times”?

The author, Dr. David Reagan, spent 20 years running away from the Lord’s call on his life. During that time, he earned a doctorate in international law and politics, served as a college professor and administrator, ran for public office, served in the Nixon Administration and directed a business enterprise.

In 1980, Dr. Reagan yielded to the Lord’s call and established a non-denominational ministry that specializes in the teaching of Bible prophecy. Since that time, he has traveled worldwide conducting meetings and conferences. He has authored 14 books, and he has conducted 45 tours to Israel. He currently serves as the host of a weekly television program, Christ in Prophecy, that is broadcast both nationally and internationally.

Author: Dr. David Reagan
Format: Paperback
Pages: 333

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