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Revelation: A Comprehensive Study (Book)

Revelation is revealed in stunning detail as Dr. David Reagan teaches through the book verse-by-verse! This is one of the most popular study resources ever produced by Lamb & Lion Ministries.

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Summary: A sweeping overview of the final book of the Bible. In-depth introductions, thought-provoking questions, and "key facts" — along with a detailed outline to accompany 12 digitally-remastered audio sessions by Dr. David Reagan. This is a go-to resource for diving into Jesus' ultimate Revelation of the End Times.

Presentation: This updated and expanded survey of the book of Revelation is presented verse-by-verse. This vital interpretive approach accepts the book of Revelation as meaning exactly what it says.

Format: Print (Binder-insertable, Pre-drilled pages) or Downloadable (PDF)

Pages: 128

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1. Introduction to Revelation

2. Revelation 1: Jesus, the Glorified One

3. Revelation 2-3: Jesus, the Overcomer

4. Revelation 4-5,10: Jesus, the Worthy Lamb

5. Revelation 6-9: Jesus, the Wrathful One

6. Revelation 11-12: Jesus, the True Messiah

7. Revelation 13-14: Anti-Christ, the False Messiah

8. Revelation 15-18: Anti-Christ, the Defeated Messiah

9. Revelation 19: Jesus, the Mighty Warrior

10. Revelation 20: Jesus, the King of Kings

11. Revelation 21-22: Jesus, the Eternal One

12. Revelation 22: Jesus, the Returning One

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